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THE ROCK, Vertical race

THE ROCK is a new race for 2020. You race to the Rock (Steinn) as fast as you can. The climb is 600m on an easy non technical trail. The finishing line is the Rock thus you can relax and enjoy the view while descending. 

Steinn or The Rock is the famous landmark of Mt. Esja. Approximately 200 m from the top, there's a point marked with a big rock called "Steinn". Most climbers choose to stop here and take in the view before going down again, as the path through the cliffs becomes increasingly difficult and dangerous from there on. 

This is an easy trail mountain course for all runners and good hikers.

Distance: 3.2 km

Vertical gain: 600m

Time limit:  90 minutes

The race will start on the 18th of June at 11am

Start location: Esjustofa

Please pick-up your bib number at the 66°North Flagship Store (Faxafen 12, 108 Reykjavik) from 12:00-18:00 on the 16th of June.  

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