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Mt. Esja Ultra Rules


All participants must sign a declaration confirming that they are physically and mentally fit to compete and that they have prepared sufficiently well to finish within given time limits.

Terms of the race

Each runner agrees to:

  • Do appropriate training to be able to finish within time limit.

  • Runners oblige to compete in a civilized manner and keep true to organized paths.

  • Respect the nature. It is strictly forbidden to throw garbage of any kind on the course, except at Esjustofa (at startpoint)

  • Be dressed according to weather and weather forecast

  • Bring sufficient nutrition and liquid for the entire race

  • Respect rules about personal assistance. Each runner can accept assistance from one person at a time regarding gear and nutrition in a specially reserved zone at Esjustofa. It is forbidden to accept assistance in other places in the race except in an emergency

  • Show other competitors and visitors in Mt.Esja respect on the route.

  • To wear the race bib on the chest or the stomach. The bib must be fully visible throughout the entire race.

  • To register at given checkpoints (Steinn and Esjustofa) in each lap.

  • It is essential that each runner helps anybody in need and until appropriate help is available.

  • Race director is not responsible for competitors in regards to weather conditions and/or natural disasters.

  • Runners are at own risk during the race and are encouraged to seek appropriate assistance in the case of accidents, injuries or illness.

  • Race director can and will dismiss anyone who does not obey the rules of the race.

  • Race director is in full right to cancel or bring a halt to the race due to external conditions or reasons.


Obligatory gear

Race director strongly recommends the following gear (obligatory gear for runners competing in the halfmarathon and marathon):

  • Personal cup to drink liquid at aid stations and to get water in the brook

  • Survival blanket

  • Mobile phone

  • 0,5-1 liter of liquid

  • Sufficient nutrition and liquid for each lap

  • Adhesive or/and elastic band for making a bandage or a strapping

  • Jacket (Preferably a waterproof and breathable jacket with a hood)

  • Warm hat and warm gloves


Recommended gear:

  • Walking poles

  • Water belt and/or camel bag

  • Cap or Buff

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Bandage for blisters and sore feet


It will be possible to store extra equipment in a specially marked zone at Esjustofa. Runners are allowed to seek assistance from one external person. It's crucial that runners plan nutrition, equipment, running gear and assistance before the race.

Runners need to bring with them their own nutrition that will cover them the whole race.

Time barriers
  • The Rock: 1,5 hours

  • Mt. Esja Halfmarathon: 6 hours

  • Mt. Esja Marathon: 10 hours before the last climb (6 pm)

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